As any parent of babies knows, sleep is a precious, precious commodity. Scores of books and articles have been written on the subject, and one of the first questions any parent will hear, after "How cute! How old? Boy or girl?" is, "Does she sleep through the night?" Babies aren’t designed to sleep through the night in their early months, but eventually, they can sleep for longer blocks of time. And this is when parents will do just about anything to lengthen those snooze hours. The Sleep Sheep might just be the most effective sleep aid in a parent’s tool belt. It sure is the cutest! Standing (or rather, sitting) just 11 inches tall, this cuddly lamb can be attached with Velcro strips to baby’s crib. Tucked in its back is an audio box with four soothing sounds from nature: a heartbeat, a spring rainfall, the ocean, and whale songs. Push a button, adjust the volume, and sneak out of the nursery while the Sleep Sheep does its job, playing a full 23 minutes of snooze-inducing sound. Did you catch that? It’s important: twenty-three minutes! So many sound machines only play for five minutes or so. Our woolly friend knows it can take longer than that for some babies to fall asleep. Beyond "White Noise"
Music can be too stimulating. The whirring of a fan can be effective, but, well, breezy. And regular house noise, especially with an older sibling or too, can be distracting or downright disruptive to sleep. What babies need are relaxing, repetitive sounds. And when those sounds are housed in a huggable package, so much the better!
Mother’s Heartbeat
What’s the first sound baby hears while still in the womb? His mother’s heartbeat, of course. This steady underwater thumping is bound to reassure babies, even once they’re on "the outside."
Spring Showers
These spring showers may never bring May flowers, but their cozy patter may bring hours of peaceful slumber.
Ocean Waves
The swooshing sounds of a gentle ocean surf have the power to lull just about anybody to sleep.
Whale Songs

Eerie yet harmonious, whale songs are thought to elevate mind and spirit. Even if baby doesn’t know that, the lovely distant songs provide a tranquil background to sleep.
The Sleep Sheep’s sound box is removable, so even if space is limited, baby’s soothing sleep sounds can go where she goes. A unique numbered certificate of adoption is provided for those who want to make a special place in their families for their new, valuable, sure to be beloved friend. Requires 2 AA batteries (included). --Emilie Coulter

Expires Dec 25, 2010