List Price: $1099.00
Deal Price: 9.99

You Save: $299.01 (27%)The kit is recognizable, the drummer legendary and the band is in rarified air of rock superstardom. The Phil Rudd Special Edition drum set that has been built by Sonor and Phil Rudd is now available for drummers of all ages. The Phil Rudd Special Edition Drum Kit features the exact sizes that Phil uses while on tour with AC/DC. The kit is comprised of a 22” x 18” no mount bass drum, a 13” x 12.5” tom tom, a 16 x 18” floor tom, and an 18 x 18” floor tom.The kit features the vibration-free T.A.R. (“Total Acoustic Resonance”) system for maximum resonance and sustain. The set is available in a “Back In Black” black wrap finish, just like the kit Phil played on the AC/DC “Back In Black” Tour of 2008/2009.Expires Dec 22, 2010