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Dizzypad - Frog Jump Fun

Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: February 23, 2010

Koi Pond meets Doodle Jump in this beautiful high score game from NimbleBit!

Escape into your own tranquil pond to see how far you can jump your dizzy frog from pad to spinning pad. Skip pads to earn extra flowers and extend your journey. Unlock new frog skins by earning various awards and compete with others through a local high score and multiple online leaderboards.

- 15 unlockable frog skins
- Plus+ awards and leaderboards
- Serene sounds and graphics (including koi and dragonflies)

"Nimblebit describes Dizzypad as a cross between Doodle Jump and Koi Pond, but quite frankly itís much better than both." - App Advice

"like with any good game, it's harder than it looks and does a good job keeping you trying for higher score." - Touch Arcade

"It's addictive and simple fun, with every missed jump just one tap away from starting over again and that familiar thought that 'this time, I can do it better.'" - TUAW

"Overall it is another solid game from NimbleBit. The difficulty curve is just right, the control scheme efficient and the presentation certainly a cut above" - Games Uncovered

"Just like Nimblebitís 9 other games, Dizzypad is as addicting as it gets!" - Appmodo

"a fun, well-rounded, casual and visually good-looking gaming experience which is both addictive and at the same time, a joy to play. I really canít recommend this game enough!" - 148Apps

"The combination of strategy, challenge, and fun make this game an instant hit" - No DPad

"Dizzypad LOOKS easy but itís challenging in itself and challenging to put down, itís that addicting!" - The APPera

"Dizzypad is a game with extremely simple mechanics that is fun to play with for hours on end." - GamePro

"highly polished, wonderfully simple, and very engaging" - AppSmile

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