Here's an easy recipe for copycat IHOP Stuffed French toast:

* 1 loaf of French bread
* 1 tub or Philadelphia ready to eat cheesecake filling
* 4 eggs
* a splash of milk
* fresh strawberries or canned pie filling
* whipped cream

1. Slice bread into 1 inch thick slices.
2. Beat eggs in a bowl with a splash of milk.
3. Dip the bread slices into the egg batter.
4. Add a few pats of butter and melt in a skillet.
5. Fry bread on both sides until slightly brown.

6. Put a few tablespoons of the cheesecake filling on one piece of toast.
7. Top with another slice.
8. Garnish with sliced strawberries or canned strawberry pie filling.
9. Top with whipped cream

You cant taste the difference, it's great!