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Xmas Push Frenzy
Freeverse, Inc.

Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: December 02, 2010
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Xmas Push Frenzy! Win Candies and Fabulous Prizes in a Holiday Frenzy of Fun!

The classic quarter-eating arcade experience goes all green and white, with incredibly real physics and the non-stop fun! Drop candies onto the shelf and force more candies and Bonus Boxes forward into the collection area. Avoid the gutters, and push to win awesome power-ups and all new Holiday Collectibles! Choose one of three different candies you can drop to play for higher stakes and win big! Like candy canes and cookies, you won&#39;t be able to stop yourself!

Fill your shelves with holiday loot, and complete whole sets of collectibles like the Bad Gifts Collection and Santa&#39;s Crew to unlock Candy Bonuses and two additional game machines! Unlock the powerups that will earn you even more candy, and keep pushing to win!



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