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Snake Classic
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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: October 02, 2010

Now the #1 Free Arcade game on the App Store!

Addictive, fun and simple. This is THE snake game everyone is talking about!

"Just like the old game, But even better! A 5 star review I loved it."

"I love the option to unlock stuff for free. Don't have to pay anything!!! Love it!"

“It is surprisingly tough (apparently) to create a solid snake game that mimics the true Nokia original; this game is the best one I have seen!"

Control a snake as it moves around eating apples and increasing in length. Bonus green apples only appear for a few seconds and have double the points as red apples. Game is over when the snake runs into itself or a wall.


• 100% responsive touchscreen game play lets you have complete control over the snake
• NEW! Play classic or extreme (timed) mode
• NEW! Choose among 4 fields and 5 snake speeds to play with
• Share your score on Facebook and Twitter
• View high scores of your Facebook friends and users from all across the world
• Pause and resume


• Wallpapers: NEW! Customize Snake Classic using any one of 4 wallpapers
• Colors: Dress up your snake in one of 4 colors
• Sound, Vibration: Each time the snake eats an apple

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