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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: November 30, 2010

We give away a PAID game for FREE everyday!

That's right, every day we give away a HIGH QUALITY, PAID game for free. The best part? YOU pick the games!

[If you download our app and like it, please remember to rate it 5-stars. We get better games this way!]

-Get a full version game for FREE everyday
-Check out the Featured Apps section to see our favorite apps, all individually selected and updated daily
-Did you miss a giveaway? Check out our Past Giveaways section and see if the offer is still on!
-See the most popular games that we have featured in the Hall of Game
-YOU help us decide on what games we give away. Make a wish to us in the Make a Wish section and we try to make the most popular wishes come true!
-Highly polished, profesional user interface with full RETINA DISPLAY support

-You use our app and request a game to be free
-We go out and beg developers to help fulfill your wishes
-We give away the best games that we can get
-You in return rate us/the apps we feature in the App Store and tell your friends about us, because the bigger our community, the better the games we giveaway are!
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We are not just another free app tracker. We actually go out, contact developers, and organize a limited time sale based on your wishes. The games given away in our app are ONLY featured in our app!

Are you a developer who wants to either feature or give away your game? Email us using the email button in our app and we will get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

This app requires an active internet connection to work. We recommend using WiFi or 3G.


OMG! We give paid games for free

NOTE: All games that we feature are usually paid and are given away through a pre arranged sale that we made with the developer. Many of the games we feature reach the top 25, but they were NOT already free.

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