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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: October 14, 2010

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From the Media
"Itís super easy to pick up and play, but much harder to put back down because itís so easy to play one more time to beat your previous best"
"If you enjoy endless games that truly deliver in terms of quality and addictiveness, then this game is one to own."

iTunes Reviews
"I just downloaded today and haven't played anything else. Pretty fun game." - LECASHMAN

"Didn't expect much but was very surprised to find it a lot of fun and hard to put down. Plus my kids are fighting over who gets to play next! Great graphics and an entertaining premiss. A+" - Nate Dalman

Game Description
Designed to be easy to play yet super addictive - UltraDeep! may become your next iphone addiction!

It's not just simply going down like other simple games of this type. In UltraDeep you pickup diamonds which will charge your superpower. When the superpower gauge is full you can tap the screen to activate the superpower and smash down through obstacles!

You can also "level up" your superpower to make it go even faster.

There are other power ups you can pick up such as shields, time slower etc. and there are unlockable items such as the diamond magnet that will help you go even deeper!

* Ultra-Addictive gameplay
* Level up and use your superpower to go faster and faster!
* Upgrades to buy!
* Both Game Center and OpenFeint high scores and achievements
* iOS4 fast app switching supported!

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UltraDeep is the latest iphone game from Viqua Games, developers of Zombie Escape.

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Hope you have fun playing!

If you experience that the game is going in slow motion or is slower than it should be, try rebooting your device. We will fix this in a future update!

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