List Price: $99.95

Deal Price: .00

You Save: $49.95 (50%)The Black Widow Vehicle Remote Start System with Keyless Entry provides top of the line features at an affordable price. This kit includes two 4-button transmitters with labeled rubber buttons and an extended range window mount receiver that provides up to 750 feet of coverage. Optional and programmable features include a trunk release output, car finder feature, cold start timed interval starting, keyless entry and more. This Remote Start System includes both tach and tachless operation and is compatible with almost all fuel injected vehicles--both gas and diesel. With this product, warm winter mornings and cool summer afternoons are now just a button press away. Full S1 features include two 4-button transmitters; an extended range window-mount transceiver; a start module with on-board relays for Start, Ignition 1, Ignition 2, and Accessory outputs; hood and brake switch safety inputs; plug-in LED and valet switch; ignition triggered door locks; Auxiliary 1 output (trunk release); door lock pulse timing; automatic or manual transmission mode; programmable engine run time; turbo timer; cold start mode; lock on remote start/shut down; factory alarm disarm output; diesel mode with glow-plug monitoring or delayed start timer; tach or smart voltage sense mode; valet mode; and automatic cold start.Expires Dec 20, 2010