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    Default Budgeting my expense for birthday gift!


    Anyone has any cool sites to suggest for baby wears? I'm looking for some great-designed baby clothes for my 6 nephews who happen to be born in the same month!!! They are similar age which is 5 and 6 and they are all boys.
    Last year, they loved my baby-amazing-designed hat which I happened to design them through sites. But I guess this year, I'm just going to buy them some nice clothes as their mothers have been busy making money!!!

    Anyways, I browsed through sites and ones that I like so much which they have cool styles and cool colors and something very different from others and definitely different from EBAY, but the problem is they do wholesale children clothes and I do not want to buy too many clothing. So I'm here to ask if anyone can give me a hand or advice if you know any sites with different clothes like the one I suggested but allows me to buy just a few new ones?? It would be great to have some answers back because their birthday is coming up real soon. And I don't have much time just to go shop around!! Thanks people...

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    Default Re: Budgeting my expense for birthday gift!

    Personally I only shop online at VERY well known stores, due to the high Spam/Fraud issues that have surfaced the last few years. Amazon has some GREAT kids clothing deals and since it's not a wholesale site, you don't have to worry about buying mass quantities.

    Here's a link of a few Deals that are available right now
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