List Price: $29.99

Deal Price: $7.71

You Save: $22.28 (74%)The stylish and durable leather HipCase for iPhone combines sleek protection with easy, convenient access to the iPhone. Featuring a horizontal belt-clip, the HipCase provides the utmost in comfort and accessibility. As with other smartphones before it, the iPhone's dimensions virtually require a horizontal waist holster for optimal comfort--and the HipCase delivers.
Access to iPhone headset jack, even when closed.
Compatible with 4GB and 8GB iPhone.
Designed for the iPhone
The HipCase features a Velcro tab and cut-out center notch to provide quick, simple, one-handed iPhone pick up. Corner notches ensure unobstructed access to the iPhone's headset jack--regardless of which hip it's worn on--allowing you to listen to music or take a call while keeping the iPhone safely cradled in the HipCase.

Access When You Need It
The HipCase's sturdy, leather-covered belt clip ensures your iPhone will always be within easy reach when you need it. And with its clean lines and stylish construction, it is the perfect accessory--from a suit and tie to jeans and a t-shirt.
What's in the Box
Black Lambskin leather HipCase for iPhone.Expires Dec 6, 2010