FREE Bag of Spitz Sunflower Seeds
NOTE: Be sure to check the last box on the page to receive your FREE bag. You will then have to fill in your details in a pop up form. Spitz sunflower seeds, roasted, lightly salted or perfectly seasoned, are gaining popularity world-wide. Tom and Emmy Droog began cultivating sunflower seeds in Alberta’s rich agricultural area for use in birdseed in the early 1980s. Finding that their sunflower seeds were so hearty and delicious that they merited human consumption, they began to market their Spitz Sunflower Seeds through Spitz Sales, Inc. in 1992. Since then, the Spitz Sunflower Seeds phenomenon has spread throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe. For a FREE bag of Spitz Sunflower Seeds complete a brief survey and fill in your details.