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1. Service Group - "Merry Xmas Everybody"
2. Master Slash Slave- "All I Want For Christmas"
3. Romeo Spike - "Christmas Diablo"
4. The Winter Sounds - "Ragtime Manifesto"
5. Super Awesome Villains Forever - "Secret Santa A Christmas Song For Josef K. Boehm"
6. Paris Luna with James Taylor, Jr and Wes Ables - "Back Home for the Holidays"
7. Benjamin Bear - "Traveling Disciples"
8. Blue Skies For Black Hearts - "It Never Snows On Christmas"
9. THe BAcksliders - "That's How We Do Christmas"
10. Here Comes Everybody - "Snow"
11. Bumtech - "Maoz Tsur (Rock of Ages) / O Holy Night"
12. Blue Skies For Black Hearts - "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" written by: Barry, Greenwich, and Spector
13. Play> - "Happy Christmas War Is Over"

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