Yoga has a great therapeutic effect. It has been evolved over centuries and ancient sages had practiced yoga and meditation to attain enlightenment. Yoga is still practised in our society and its techniques to attain mental and physical balance seem to be still relevant.
Yoga enhances our power to concentrate and it also boosts the flexibility of the muscles and the body as a whole. Yoga improves the immunity of the body and it strengthens the digestive and cardiovascular systems. Pranayama and other techniques involved in yoga will help the respiratory system function very effectively.
``Practising yoga helps in rejuvenating body and spirit. You will feel that you have gained a control over your body and mind, says Dinakar Bhaskaran, an accountant with a private firm in Chennai.
Shahabanath, a housewife, started practising yoga for a different reason. ``I wanted to shed the extra flab on all the wrong places of my body, she says. ``It is very effective. I could not only reduce 9 kilos in 8 months but also find relief from my back pain, she adds.
The healing capacity of yoga had been identified by the Ayurvedic scholars of yore and they included yoga in their therapeutic practices.
Yoga is found to be very effective in the treatment of back ache, spondylitis, asthma, arthritis, ulcer etc. Patients suffering from kidney problems and diabetes too are asked to practise yoga which will help them feel better.

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