Got the Redners PA AD early, some great deals coming week of 11/21:

Pepsi 12 pack 12oz cans OR Pepsi 6 Pack/24 oz Bottles 5 for $10 with in ad coupon

Coca Coca 2 Liter Bottles 10 for $8 (or 5 for $4) with in ad coupon (all flavors on coke/pepsi deals)


Shady Brook Farm FRESH Turkeys .98 lb limit 1

Bruce Sweet Cut Yams $1.99 40 oz can

Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce $1 can 16 oz

Fresh Yams (produce) 58c lb

Turkey Hill Ice Cream $1.99 48 oz tubs

Campbells Canned Gravys (reg or fat free) 50c ea

Buy 4 Pillsbury Refrig. Baking Items (Cookies, Brownies, etc) get $3 off any milk (with in ad coupon)
cookies on sale 2 for $4

Canned All Natural Pumpkin Libby's 29 oz $2.19

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