All-In-One Printer Test
A second chance to test a cool new printer!

Photos hold a special place in our hearts. They allow us to mentally revisit places or moments and then share them with others. People cherish their photographs and our client recognizes the importance of good photos. They have designed a new product focused on delivering a top quality image for those very special memories!

Providing fax, copy and scan capability, this new printer is meant to be easy to use yet deliver the highest quality for those important images. Whether you have stacks of frames around the home; you scrapbook your memories; or simply send photos out to family, this product is designed to be an easy tool for the best photos!

We have two test groups for this project. First, we need energetic people from around the country who want to spend the next few weeks printing like crazy. Next, we need the same type of people in the San Diego area who are willing to let our client come and visit their home to watch the installation process. If you fit these criteria, please sign up now.

Participants in the San Diego portion of this test will be given an additional incentive for permitting a visit by our client.

Please remember that if you dont have the time to test and actively share feedback over the next few weeks, do not apply. If you are motivated to print, share feedback and let our client know your every thought on this product, begin the process below by completing the application for this test.

Beta testing for Centercode is an exclusive opportunity to get a first view of new products and earn great stuff. Our clients are some of the largest and most innovative manufacturers of technology in the world. Being selected for a Centercode project is a fun, exciting and unique opportunity afforded to only those who match the needs of the test.

Windows 7, Vista, XP (SP2) or Mac OS X

Participants in Centercode projects get the opportunity to see new products before anyone else. Actively engaged participants have the chance to help improve the quality of a product, learn from the experience and meet like minded people in their area of interest. They also can earn a chance to test on other projects.
In addition to these benefits, our top performers (really active and engaged participants) have a chance to earn incentives which can include a sample product, gift certificates or other great stuff.