my success story

about 3 years ago we lost a 60 year told ash tree due to a tornado. we had a tree removal servivce come out and take the tree and remove the stump. it was a horrible mess. we took the mulch and moved it to the corner of our yard around more trees to make a sitting area. it looks nice. the sitting area has 5 trees. during the moving of the mulch i was hit in the ear and i was wearing my favorite hoop earring. i didnt realize it until the next day i lost an earring. since they were my favorite i didnt toss the one i still had.

everyone and then when i was sitting back on the swing i would look for gold glittering and i never found it. 3 years later i am still thinking about this earring.

last weekend we went out to rake and my husband used a blower around the 5 trees where the mulch was put. it is still about 6 inches thick. he really blew up the dust and i thought it sure would be somethinf if he uncovered my earring. we bagged 12 bags of leaves and pine needles.

today i finally got around to doing laundry and after 3 loads i do a load of white and guess what i found in my washer...MY EARRING! i have my favorite pair back together. it is amazing that it was found. i can only guess it got snagged on someones sock when the kids were playing in the leaves.

BTW: it is still in excellent shape. but shinner since it went through the wash.