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Life is full of simple pleasures. The ones shared with your pup are even better — especially when you never settle for anything less than Pup-Peroni® dog snacks, the smoky, real-meat snack your dog deserves. Whether you share Pup-Peroni® Ribs, 50 Calorie Beef Pouches, or one of their other delicious flavors, these treats are sure to get your pup’s tail wagging.

Pup-Peroni® Ribs Dog Snacks
These snacks have an irresistible smoky aroma and delectable hints of hickory and molasses flavors. They’re made with real beef and fortified with calcium.

Pup-Peroni® 50 Calorie Beef Snack Pouches for Dogs
Take the guesswork out of indulging your dog with these convenient 50-calorie pouches that give your dog just the right amount of the delicious 90% lean beef snacks they love.