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Level 1 answers:

3 capabilities are?
Proactive, managability, performance

desktops are equiped with?
intel core duo processor

help protect bus data by?
All off the above

remote management does do?
remotely replace defective memory

core 2 provide all the following except?
increased cache memory

intel vpro doesn't do the following for small bus?
affordable/secure broadband access
Level 2 answers:

Combination of CPU, Chipset, network, wireless

MPS can remotely maintain, diagnose & repair them only if they are powered on & OS is functioning properly

All of the above

Teamed with leading software developers specializing in management applications

all of the above

General office software suite............

All of the Above

increase internet bandwidth for faster download of files

All of the above

Intel Core 2 Duo processoer & intell Q35 Express Chipset.