Free $10 Starbucks Card - Visual Nursing Home Choice Experiment


The purpose of this experiment is to test if a tool that we developed is helpful in choosing a nursing home.


This web-based experiment consists of two surveys and one experimental task, which you have to choose the best nursing home according to given criteria. The entire experiment takes about 30 minutes.

An ideal participant would have:

* Experience in researching and selecting a skilled nursing facility or nursing home in the past two (2) years; or anticipate a need to research and select a nursing home within the next five (5) years.
* Fluency in English and the ability to describe the experience of choosing a nursing home.
* Ability to utilize a personal computer and the Internet to perform research, online shopping, or similar tasks.
* Corrected or normal vision (sufficient vision for computer usage)


You will be compensated with a gift card worth 10 USD for your participation. If your decision performance in the tasks is ranked within the top 10%, you will be rewarded an ADDITIONAL gift card worth 10 USD.