To get a FREE pH Advantage Product just find a product that is $40 and below and enter coupon: 398743211 at checkout. No credit card required. When it asks for a credit card number just hit next!

Just a heads up the site is way exceeding their traffic limit, so occasionally it may say "account suspended" just breath and try again in 10 minutes. I was able to send one to myself and one to my mom, just takes a while bc lets face it $40 is a great deal

and this includes tax and shipping

heres my invoice


Price/Ea.: $30.00
Quantity: 1
SubTotal (options): $0.00
SubTotal (product): $30.00
SubTotal: $30.00

Shipping, Taxes & Other Charges

Coupon: 398743211: ($30.00)
Shipping: Ground - 3 to 5 days: $0.00
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