Kashi Vive Sample - "I Want To Clean Up My Act Kit"

It looks like you have to be a Kashi Connect member to get the sample. If you aren't already, you sign up right away. Hopefully they will send it to you!

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Dear Kashi Connect Member,
Life can be messy, complicated and full. So can you. Thankfully there’s cereal. Yummy cereal with graham and vanilla - Kashi Vive®.
After trying it, a number of people told us they felt “cleaner” and “lighter.” This is good news because, let’s face it - no matter how healthy we are, certain foods we eat can leave us feeling heavy, dull and downright yucky.
We’re going to be sending you your very own kit in the mail. This package has a sample of yummy Kashi Vive, along with fun tips on how you can clean up your act and coupons for you and your friends. Look for it, along with a website full of great advice.
We’ll keep you updated with emails as things shape up, because after all, it’s so much easier to clean up with some support, along with a good friend or two.
Be well, be clean,

The Kashi Family