Contact Your Local Fire Department First
If you need information about smoke alarms (how many, where to put them, when to replace them) contact your local fire department. If you need smoke alarms and cannot afford them, ask your local fire department if they have a program that can help.
Many Fire departments participate in FREE smoke alarm distribution or installation programs. Often these are targeted at high-risk groups like older adults (people over 65), families with young children, disabled persons and recent immigrant groups, often dependent on the funding source.

MI - Free Smoke Detectors includes Lithiam Battery & Installation - Niles Residents

GA - La Grange offers free smoke alarms & free installation thru oct. 31

SC - Spartanburg County offers Free Smoke Alarms & Installation

KS - Topeka Fire Department offers Free Smoke Alarms on Oct. 16, 2010

NJ - Free Smoke Alarms & Carbon Dioxide Detectors for Robbinsville Township, NJ Residents

WA - Free Smoke Alarms to Seattle Residents

IN - Free Special Smoke Alarms for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

CA - Corona Residents can receive FREE Smoke Alarms w/ Free Installation.

CA - Santa Cruz County

MA - Massachusetts Department of Public Healths Fire Safe Families Program

There are several fire departments participating in this program this month, Contact your local Fire department for more info.