Heads up for One2One Networkers and SATC fans

**If you're a member of One2One Network, check your e-mail for new upcoming programs! The most recent e-mail has a project for SATC and Alanis Morisette**

Timing for SATC project: Now through June

Project directives you can opt-in to:

Give away free song download cards to your friends
Pass around the SATC movie widget online
Write album reviews at retail sites or on blogs
Do a contest on your site or blog giving away soundtrack CDs and movie posters

Perks and Incentives Include:

Five $100 Spa Certificates
Movie Tickets
Soundtrack CDs & Download Cards
Movie Posters
Knock-Off Bags (Ok, so we can't afford the real thing but we know where to get really good fakes...don't ask, don't tell i always say!)

If you're a SATC junkie, check out the film company's SATC blog for real time updates and photos!