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    Default Experience Shop is Back! Free iTunes, Walmart, Target,Amazon Gift cards, etc

    Over the last few months we've done a major overhaul on Budget101! All of our articles, recipes, tips and step by step tutorials have been transferred so that members can respond with comments and ratings. We've added the ability for members to create photo albums, blogs and social groups to discuss topics near and dear to their hearts.

    We've added additional sections to the Coupon Database, which is updated several times daily. Even so, we felt something was still missing! So we've implemented a Rewards system to Thank all of our wonderful members for their contribution to the site.

    While we'll continue to bring you freebies, hot deals, great recipes and dirt cheap ideas for living within a budget, each time you participate within the site, your activity points will increase. Members can spend their points on a number of different items such as iTunes, Walmart, Target and Restaurant Gift Cards, Wonka Candies, even free advertising of your own blog or site.

    We've even added a Gambling/ Lotto system for members who prefer to earn points the easy way.

    Earning points is simple. Each time you participate on the site including:

    • Posts: Each time you post in the forums or add a comment to an existing article on the site, you earn points.
    • Threads: Each time a new thread is started in Any Forum on the site, points are accumulated
    • Thread Ratings Given: Choosing a thread rating for a post
    • Thread Ratings Received: When someone Rates your post, you receive points
    • Visitor Messages (Given): When posting a comment on another members profile page, you earn points
    • Visitor Messages (Received): When another member comments on your profile page, you earn points.
    • Polls Posted: Once you've posted a new poll, you earn points. (Please note, you must be an Active Member to achieve the ability to post polls)
    • Poll Votes: Each time another member votes on your poll, you earn points
    • Confirmed Friends: Each time you make a new confirmed friend, you earn points
    • Reputation (Given): Rep another member & you earn points
    • Reputation (Received): Got Rep? Congrats, you just earned more points
    • Referrals: Super easy way to rack up a ton of points in a short amount of time
    • Social Group Messages: Another grand feature for active members only- and an easy way to rack up points
    • Social Group Discussions: see above
    • Calendar Events: a great way to add reminders for upcoming offers in the freebie/coupon/deals forums- all the while earning points to spend in the shop
    • Blog Posts: Each time you share a bit about yourself, successes, failures, thoughts, etc, you earn points.
    • Blog Comments:
    • Thanks Given: Earn points for thanking another members post
    • Likes Given: If you click the "Like" button on another members post, you get points
    • Likes Received: If someone clicks the "Like" button on your post, you get points
    • Tags Given: Each time you add appropriate tags to a thread (which incidentally helps keep the search feature working in tip-top shape!) you get points

    There's a Twist! Several times per week, certain fields will be worth double points, sometimes they will be announced, sometimes they'll be a complete surprise! We'll help you out with our first double down of the month- During the first 2 days of October, all Referrals are worth 40 points each!

    We've anticipated many questions and have provided FAQ's Here:

    Activity Points, Your Questions Answered

    Experience Shop, Your Questions Answered

    If you're unable to find the answer to your question, Feel free to post additional questions below in the comments section.

    Once again, Thank you to all of our members!



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    Default Re: Experience Shop is Back! Free iTunes, Walmart, Target,Amazon Gift cards, etc

    This is AWESOME News! thanks Liss! I wasnt sure that you'd be able to bring the shop back after last summers ddoss attacks on your server. This just shows you cant keep a great woman down hehe

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    Default Re: Experience Shop is Back! Free iTunes, Walmart, Target,Amazon Gift cards, etc

    You amaze me Liss....Keep up the great work...and THANKS!!!

    Tragedy, sadness, loneliness and despair taught me that life is really a beautiful thing; if it wasn't I wouldn't be able to recognize that anything was wrong - Lynn in Virginia

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    Default Re: Experience Shop is Back! Free iTunes, Walmart, Target,Amazon Gift cards, etc

    I have a quick question, when i try to go into the experience shop it tells me i dont have permission to enter. does this mean i am not at a high enough level? if so, what level do i need to be at? i have tried searching for this info but i am not very good at searching stuff out. TIA!

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