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    Default Article: Funny or Witty Costume Ideas

    On the more humorous side of halloween, Here are a few of our favorite funny/witty costume ideas. These aren't all appropriate for younger children.

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    Here's a few More:

    Babe Magnet
    Get a bunch of Barbie dolls and a black sweat suit. Attach the dolls randomly all over the sweat suit. You're a babe magnet.

    Blessing in Disguise
    Wear all black and a pair of dark sunglasses, or glasses with a rubber nose. Get a strip of fabric you can fashion into a sash (like a beauty queens) and use fabric paint markers to write, "Bless you," across it.

    Pumpkin Guts
    Get a roll of orange yarn and a few bags of roasted pumpkin seeds. Glue them all over a cheap orange sweat suit.

    Chewed Gum
    Tie a sneaker to the top of your head, wear all pink and paint your face pink.

    Tacks Collector:
    Dress in a business suit and carry around a big jar filled half way up with thumb tacks, you're a "Tacks Collector"

    Pigs in a Blanket
    Get a rubber pig's nose and wrap yourself in a blanket. You're pigs in a blanket

    Chest of Drawers
    Pin underwear to your torso and go as a chest of drawers.



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