Ontario Only!
The provincial government is now giving incentives for solar panels on your roof. You can lease your roof (see below) for free solar panels and $500-1500 cash back/year.

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The provincial government has a program called Microfit which offers individuals a 20 year fixed price for electricity generated with systems under 10 kW. There is also another program called FIT for systems greater that 10 kW.

There are private companies that are offering solar panel systems you can purchase and will help you obtain financing through the bank (Simple Energy Solutions .Simple Energy Solutions - clean, efficient energy for home or business) There are others (PURE energies in Milton) that are offering to lease your rooftop if you have eligible roof surface (faces east, south or west) and can support panels. Both systems have meters and send energy back into the grid but really it's being consumed by your house or if there's excess whatever's nearby.

What you're describing is the lease option. The company retains ownership of the panels and collects the revenue from the power generated and you get a small portion in the form of a yearly lease payment.

Each option has different benefits. The first one you make the capital investment up front but collect the full benefit. The second, you don't have any up front costs - which can be steep with solar - but you take the risk that the company will follow through on their contract and pay you.

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