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Size:  12.3 KB Give a friend a boost a friend with the FREE Diet Coke on Facebook! They’ll receive a printable $1/1 Diet Coke coupon. Make sure to ask them to “boost” you back so you can score one too.

To get it, click the link above and click “Get Started” on their Facebook fan page. Select the friend you want to give a coke to (you can shuffle the friend profile pics if you don’t see the one you want – or choose to see all), then tell Diet Coke what makes your friend extraordinary! Click Submit and your friend’s coupon will be sent. You can send more than one (up to 5 per day), so go ahead and buy the world a coke!!

This is valid on the 14-20 oz. size which often goes on sale for $1, so watch and wait to score your FREE Diet Coke!

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