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I downloaded the ebook the other day and it looks fantastic. It really felt like a plan I could follow. Then I started to think and had some questions.

1. The menu list is all about dinner. What about breakfast and lunch? Are those factored into the $200 food budget costs? Can anyone expand for me how I can get these other two meals on that list or are there menu plans that include 3 meals a day? What about people who all eat different things because of allergies/nutritional needs? e.g. My husband lives on carbs so oatmeal and toast are great for him, but I can't eat those. I eat yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs. My mother-in-law eats cereal. And lunch is a whole other mess of similar origin.

2. ebook Feedback: Links to recipes and an example shopping list that showed the weekly buying in relation to the menus and how the leftover monies are used for Specials would be awesome. I'm a very visual learner.

3. Is meat really still the most expensive thing in the food budget? With bananas at $0.58/lb, spinach running me $3.50 for 2 bunches (2-3 salads), and the weather calamities forcing farmers to raise prices with almost every season, I'd have to say that vegetables are my biggest expense. They are also a major component of my diet because I eat low-carb. I spend way more on veg than I do on meat, and the costs are higher in AZ (where I'm moving) than GA (where I'm living) so I know those numbers are going to increase. Is there a way to manipulate those cost factors to reflect these kinds of changes?

I'm brand new to this kind of budgeting so ANY templates, advice, and ideas are appreciated! Thanks for your help!