I signed up here so long ago I forgot I signed up! XD

I'm currently in Atlanta, getting ready to move from Downtown (pop: 416,474) to a very small town in AZ called Globe (pop: 7.093). I have no clue how to budget. *blush*

My first degree is in Culinary so you'd think food costing and budgeting would come naturally, but those numbers & skills are good for 200+ people...not 2-3. I was laid off over 2.5 years ago so personal budgeting became very important and that's probably about the time I first signed up here!

Now, I'm married and moving to AZ to help my husband run his Antique store, living with his aging mother and a house full of animals while we save for a house downpayment. From a hearth standpoint, I know I'm going to be running that house so I've been studying the site for about a week now and I think this is the place where I can find answers to so many of my questions. I'm already planning which mixes and MYO's to use!

So, glad to be here and can't wait to learn from the everybody. You guys are BUDGET MASTERS! LOL