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    I am new to this site, but not to being frugal.. as a single mom of 1 for 9 1/2 yrs I learned to be frugal if we were to make it but since becoming married & having $$$ I sadly haven't been as frugal as I need to be. Now that we are foster parents (at the moment 3 foster kids~ which gives us a total of 4 kids), we are trying to be a little bit wiser with our $$$ but still make lasting memories for ALL the kids w/o trying to kill us (& our brain cells) in the meantime. ANY IDEAS, HELP, etc would be wonderful. We are part of a network called Childshare which does help out a lot on expenses as well as giving us plenty of training & support as well...

    My main issue is coming up with things for the kids to do so that I can do bills, balance check book, etc. Not to mention ideas on how to become more organized with chores etc We used to get the paper, but found that the coupons in the sunday section would never be used b/c we just don't eat/use that stuff!

    Also, our "new" kids are very picky eaters. So while I don't want to cater to every whim they have (DUH) I also would like to have things around that they will eat but still be somewhat nutritious. 2 of them HATE tomatoes but 1 of them will eat tomato sauce/ketchup etc. the 3rd 1 loves tomatoes but HATES speghetti sauce/pizza sauce/ketchup etc. My bio son was raised to eat whatever was put in front of him (w/the exception of onions, pickles, & peas)... HELP!!!!!


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    What are their ages? If they are old enough - good old-fashioned board games may entertain them. When my boys were younger we had a large selection and would even have a family game night. Otherwise, the older children could take turns picking out a book and reading it to the younger ones.

    As for the chores, we have a rotating room schedule that changes once a week. The kitchen includes loading and running the dishwasher, hand-washing anything that shouldn't go through the dishwasher, wiping down the counters on a dailiy basis and vacuuming as needed. If someone is assigned the bathroom, they clean that room as needed. run the laundry and take out the trash. The person assigned to the living room folds and delivers the laundry, and dusts and vacuums that room and the hallway. They are each responsible for their own rooms. Keep in mind I have three teenage boys and they are more capable than a younger child would be. When they were younger, I had a list of what each should be capable of and assigned from that. It included a check list for each of them step by step so that they would know exactly what was required for each task.

    We also have a family calendar that lists the chores for the week and any appointments, sports practices placed in the kitchen since everyone has to see it.

    Hope some of these ideas help.



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