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    Wendy Czajkowski

    Default dog treats

    Our family has made the cheese and the peanut butter dog receipes found
    on site. The dogs here love them. But how do you package them?
    Within 3 or 4 days they are moldy if put in containers or baggies. Has
    anyone esle made these?

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    Default dog treats

    We buy Natures recipe lamb and rice meal dry. Our bred of dog
    (Schnauzer) is prone to some health problems and this brand is
    supposed to be healthy. We do give one dental doggie treat daily.
    They are fairly expensive. One package of three is a little over
    $2.00. But, I divide them in half and she gets one each day. To
    this date (she is five), she has never had to have her teeth
    cleaned. Our vet thinks it is because of the dental doggies. I
    fugure the treats have more than paid for themselves because of this
    as our precious dog had to have his teeth cleaned at least once a

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    Default dog treats

    An inexpensive and healthy way to give your dog a special treat.
    Take a hot dog cut it up into chunks.
    Microwave it till it looks shriveled and chewy.
    Place some of your dogs normal everyday dry dog food in a
    tupperware type container.
    Toss in the cooked hot dog while still hot and close the lid.
    Shake well and stick it in the fridge.

    The steam generated from the hot dog will permiate the dry dog food
    and flavor it like hot dogs.
    Your dog will love the taste and you don't have to worry about
    upsetting their diet with too many different treats or people food.

    Store this in the fridge so the hot dogs won't spoil.

    Cindy in MI (wife of a dog trainer)

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