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America’s Changing Shape With Dexatrim® Max2O™ Turn water into a great-tasting way to help reach your weight-loss goals. Discover Dexatrim® Max2O™, a convenient take-anywhere, use-anywhere effervescent tablet that combines all the weight-loss benefits of Dexatrim Max with the healthy benefits of water.

Choose from these great-tasting flavors:

Strawberry Kiwi
Lemon Splash
Tangerine Orange
Mixed Berry

Dexatrim® Max2O™

Dexatrim® Max2O™ and Dexatrim® Max Daytime Appetite Control include excellent features that give you the power to lose weight. Here are just a few reasons why Dexatrim is unique:

Puts you in control to fight hunger, cravings, fatigue and metabolism slowdown**
Makes your water work harder in the battle to lose weight
Contains vitamin B complex that helps convert food to fuel**
Contains ginseng, which fights fatigue**
Contains EGCG from real green tea, which enhances metabolism**

Dexatrim® Max™ Daytime Appetite Control

When you need the maximum power to lose weight, Dexatrim® Max Daytime Appetite Control offers:

Extended release all-day action giving you what you need to keep your diet on track.

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