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    I was told never mix bleach and vinegar because it can cause a chemical reaction that can be very dangerous.

    Is this mixing of vinegar and bleach safe or necessary?

    The short answer is "No!".

    For domestic use the dangers are too great. When acids are mixed with bleach chlorine gas is given off. This is quite toxic and can be a considerable health risk.

    One lady who tried this as a child spent days coughing and choking afterwards and felt lucky to have fully recovered from the effects after a few weeks.

    Vinegar is a fairly potent bactericide in its own right. If you feel the need to use bleach too, then separate them out. Use bleach in small quantities, diluted in water to top up your cleaning programme.

    Vinegar and bleach is only an option in emergency situations and is best left to professionals.

    Vinegar and bleach and other bleach safety facts:



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