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    It's a question actually, when you say bury flowers in mixture of corn meal & borax are you talking about the whole flower? Bud, stem, leaves and all or just the stems? What it you want flowers to be semi open? I have about 7 dozen roses I've got dried (I hung upside-down in dark closet for almost 3 months- they are completely dry. Fragile to say the least, the leaves have come off many and that I don't care to much about, my plan was to dip in lacquer, let dry throughly, spray lacquer stem section then get round Styrofoam ball and poke them in that as my forever flower decor. What's your or anyone's thoughts? Anyone try something like this before? Success or fail? (They were rose bouquets from my daughter that's I'd love to keep some how- if nothing else I've got dried rose peels lol.).



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