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    I too make this dish, just a wee bit differently. I am Syrian and my grandmother made this quite often growing up. She always used grey squash, which is similar to zuchini but a little smaller. It's not really grey in color, it's a light green, and the bottom is rounded. We scoop out the squash, (after slicing the top off), from the top, scraping inside and pulling out everything all the way to the bottom. Then, we mix ground beef (true recipe would use lamb), with long grain rice, allspice, salt and pepper, and either fresh minced garlic or powder. The meat and rice are both raw at this point. We then stuff the raw meat mixture into the cored squash. The squash goes into a deep pot and is covered with tomatoe sauce, puree, whichever you like. Then it is cooked on a low flame, slowly (pot covered), until the meat and rice are cooked and the squash is tender. We call it Coosa Meshee (sp?) Coosa is the word for squash. Meshee means stuffed or rolled. Love this stuff!



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