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    My preferred laundry non-bleach was no longer manufactured. Thinking to read the label, there it was! Hydrogen Peroxide, available at my local dollar store! I've been using this exact formulation for several years. It neutralises the sweat acids that normal laundering do not wash out, therefore saving the clothes for longer. A neighbour tried with her teen sons' clothing, and is very happy with the results. Heavier sweat items, blood stains, get a soaking, where other clothes get a quick soak as I'm filling the washer, then pour the remaining contents of the bucket into the washer. It was a bit worrisome to see the foaming and bubbling on the sweaty items, but I realised that this was the neutralisation of the acid. Happily, sometimes even older sweat and blood stains are diminished, and sometimes do disappear. No more need for scented detergents or softeners!

    Anne R



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