Free Hats!
Hats America, at 220 N 5th St., in Custer, South Dakota, near Mount Rushmore is offering free hats for the needy in Custer County South Dakota. Situated in the beautiful Black Hills, and home to, Hats America is a small retail headwear outlet serving the local community. Duane Dewsbury, the owner, said that it's been getting really cold lately, and he wants to offer the local community free hats to keep warm. "I have an excess of certain inventory, and with the tough economy and the holiday season upon us, I want to give back to the local community," said Duane. He added that any local residents receiving disability or government assistance benefits are welcome to stop in and pick out a free hat or cap from a section of the store set up specifically for the sharing. "We live in a great community here in the mountains," said Duane, "and there are many folks living here just trying to make ends meet. I hope this will help them along."

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