Greetings to all who want to spend their time and money wisely! I grew up without the proverbial pot, had the pot and the window to throw it out of and now don't have the pot again. (Yeah, I know. I shouldn't have thrown it out of the window. LOL) I'm in the 6th decade of living and have 2 sons, and 3 grandchildren, the oldest grandson is only 11 (and came with the relationship) and a 4 year old grandson and 2 year old granddaughter. ( My oldest son FINALLY got it together! Hallelujah!) I enjoy the domestic arts of cooking, baking, sewing, decorating, and making gifts and music. I'm blessed with faith, family, and friends. I credit my 89 year old mother with giving me the ability to make lemonade out of lemons. (She was resewing hand-me-down sweaters on a treadle sewing machine when I was in grade school!)

Six years ago I was forced to leave an administrative job and accept Social Security Disability due to arthritus, fibromyalgia, and depression. Presently, I'm in the process of researching the nuts and bolts of starting a homemade "green" bath products business for sales at craft fairs, etc., having come to the full realization that my being on oxygen 24/7 for the last 2 years makes "regular" employment too much of a challenge, even on a part time basis. I believe my life long interests in recycling, energy savings, and thrifty living have led me to this point.

I'm contemplating relocating to Prescott, AZ by next summer, and am researching all the considerations that go with making that significant life change.

I look forward to contributing here however I can, and seeking help from you folks when I get stuck in a challenge.

Let the games begin!