On June 11th, there will be more at stake in your living room than who wins the match - that's because you'll have friends and family over to see if Digiorno will be the big time player that gets everyone believing it tastes as fresh as a pizzeria pizza.

Will Digiorno Pizza's triple scoring threat of fresh-baked taste, rising crust, and big, juicy toppings win your crowd over? See for yourself when you serve delicious Digiorno Pizza and the fans start cheering.

So kick off your home field championship by seeing how Digiorno makes a believer out of everyone. With Digiorno on your team, who needs pizzeria pizza?

If selected to host, your free world-class party pack will include:

* 6 Free Host Pizza Coupons
* 15 Guest Pizza Coupons
* 1 Pizza Cutter
* 1 Refrigerator Magnet
* 16 Country Flag Bandanas
* 8 Whistles
* 8 Thunder Sticks
* Party Stickers
* Napkins and Plates

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