Key Features and Benefits:

* Creating a dual-boot system: with the included partitioning options, you can easily create a dual-boot system on your computer. After the Windows 7 installation is completed, you will be able to access both of your operating systems, either Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7 whenever you need.

* Paragon boot manager: decide if you want to boot Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7. The Paragon Boot Manager shows a list of installed operating systems after turning on the computer.

* P2V Migration/Restore: physical Windows hard drives, individual partitions or other backup files can be migrated into a virtual environment and respectively be restored. With this method, you’ll be able to use Windows 7 and your previous Windows XP/Vista at the same time. Make a virtual system for one of these configurations while keeping the other in a physical environment

* P2P Adjust: recover the OS startup ability after system migration to a different hardware platform.

* Backup and Restore: the Partition Manager + Virtualization Manger Bundle contains features to conduct full system backups and restore them later on. Using the “Initial Backup” Wizard, it is simple to create an image backup on local hard drives, network shares or USB drives.

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