Make any hand-care or foot-care purchase and get a nail polish and cuticle cream for free! You tell me which shade and Iíll ship it to you personally. Thatís a $10 value (regular price)! And the shipping is free when you use the free shipping coupon code.

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This is only offered to my friends here at Budget_101. When you register, if you havenít already, shoot me an email so that I can send you a free shipping invitation and group you with our friends for the drawing, free lipstick, or free mascara. Please note that if you register and donít send me a note, I canít place you in the group and you wonít receive the benefits Ė Liss tells me that we have thousands of members so I canít know each and every one of you LOL! DONíT shop or make purchases until you get an email from me with the code AND to let you know that Iíve placed you in the group. However, feel free to peruse my site and make notes about what products you might want to purchase! Once you are registered, Iíll send emails weekly with free shipping coupons for you to take advantage of when you need something.

There are some really cool sales going on right now! All centered around Motherís Day

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