Article: 12 More Tips for Stretching a Tank of Gas

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    The only one of these that no longer applies is the air conditioning one. After conducting tests, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) determined in a study that the drag on the vehicle caused by having the windows down, uses more fuel than having the windows up so the vehicle cuts through the air more efficiently. The reduction can be up to 20% more fuel used over air conditioning.

    A few others I did not see were do not "warm up" the car for more than a minute in the winter. As long as the oil viscosity is correct, the car warms more efficiently while driving.

    Speed up and slow down over longer period of time. If you see the light ahead 1/2 mile turn red, start coasting and more than likely, by the time you get to it, it will be green and you can keep rolling. Stomping on the accelerator to get up to speed in 10 seconds vs doing so over 30-45 seconds wastes fuel. Be a little more patient and save more fuel.

    Most vehicles now days are designed to be most efficient around 55 mph. For every 5 mph you go over that, it is estimated you waste $0.25 per gallon.

    Hope these help.



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