There are three ways you can get yourself some Spidvid stickers.

#1. Tweet - send out an update on your Twitter account which includes @spidvid, and make it creative. An example could be “My life will be complete if I get some cool stickers from @spidvid.

#2. Request on Facebook – Simply go to our Facebook fan page and post a sticker request comment. An example could be “I’m a big Spidvid fan, and would love some stickers for my laptop and iPhone.

#3. Email us – Head over to our contact page and shoot us an email. Say hi and that you want some stickers, and provide your mailing address so we can ship some to you.

If you use option #1 or option #2 above we will follow up with you to get your mailing address. For now we are limiting Spidvid sticker shipments to North Americans only. If you live outside of North America and desperately want some stickers, we will make a special exception if you are willing to create a video of yourself using the stickers in creative, remarkable, or unusual ways.

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