Here's a SCAM that's going around:

Because of Canada's great Olympic success, Tim Hortons is giving away quite a few $15 FREE QuickPay Cards. Only a limited amount of cards will be given away. So the sooner you fillout the form, the better your chances are! Itís easy, just follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Become a Fan.
Click the button above to become a fan and Step 2 will get revealed. Become a Fan

Step 2: Invite all your friends.
IMPORTANT: If you do not invite ALL of your friends you may not be eligible. There's an easy way to quickly invite all your friends, click here to learn how.

Step 3: Claim your Card!
Simply click the claim button to access the form.

If you make it to step #3, you'll be taken to pages for "Quality Health" ads and other SPAM Inducing crap.