Free! Hot Fuel Sticker

Get your own Oilwatchdog 'Hot Fuel Ripoff sticker: Don't let ExxonMobil's mealymouthed pump sticker be the last word! Put Oilwatchdog's sticker on your car or anywhere it will be seen by many. Not, of course, on gas pumps, which could be construed as posting without permission.

Our chances of fixing the "hot fuel" ripoff are improving. We've got a bill in the Senate to fix the "hot fuel" ripoff nationwide, for good. Sen. Claire McCaskill's S.1997, the FAIR Fuel bill, is also pushing regulators to allow you the same deal at the pump as wholesalers and most retailers: temperature-adjusted gasoline.

How hot is it in your neck of the woods? In triple-digit Arizona, a study is finding gasoline temperatures well over 100 degrees. You lose on any fuel over 60 degrees, up to a dime a gallon.