The Pull-Ups Potty Dance provides kids with a fun ritual, making the process of potty training a positive and happy one for everyone. There's nothing like a bit of dancing to motivate success and make potty training something that our little ones enjoy and look forward to!

Mom Central Canada is looking for 80 Moms across the country interested in hosting an intimate Pull-Ups Sponsored Get-together in their home with their Mom friends. If you're a well-connected mom who likes to be "in the know" and to share great products with your friends, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! We provide you with a Get-together kit with everything you'll need to host a fun and entertaining get-together.

Moms selected will host a Potty Dance Party for 8 to 10 of their mom friends and their kids, between April 1 and April 23, 2010. We will provide some great items that will ensure your Get-together's success; a package including:

· Fun and colourful dance party decorations
· A $25 VISA gift card for refreshments and snacks
· Coupons for Huggies products for you and your guests
· A Toddler Dance Music CD
· Graphics for your party Evites
· Pull-Ups Potty Training DVDs for you and your guests
· Pull-Ups Get-together tips and ideas
· A Pull-Ups Dance mat to help get everyone moving!

As host of a Pull-Ups Get-together, we ask you to:
· Invite 8-10 of your Mom friends to your party (+kids)
· Host a great Get-together using the tools we provide
· Spread the word and report back! Let us know about your party through a quick online survey that we will send you at the end of April. We LOVE to see pictures so please feel free to send those along too!

The Potty Dance is a terrific learning tool for parents to use, to help make the potty training period fun and positive for their kids. Let's spread the word to all the moms in our communities and learn how to do the Potty Dance!

To sign up to be a Potty Dance Party host,

click Mom Central Canada

Selected hosts will be notified via email by March 10th.

Good luck!! :