Im Donna, a SAHM to 6 kids, 4 daughters & 2 sons aged 18 to 10...Im originally british & still in the throws of immigrations & getting a green card for the children & myself, a long hard process, i can tell ya...Currently due to no fault of our own, were currently homeless & living in a motel, yes its cramped & I long for my stove back as we only have a micrwave so its difficult to cook a meal but we have each other & I guess a roof over our heads. The kids are taking it a bit harder than me & the hubby due to the fact, well they cant have their things around them right now, plus the manager of the motel dosent like them playing outside yes things are tough but were trying so desperatly to get back on our feet someway, somehow...I dont know anyone here so for the past 5 yrs ive kinda been isolated from the outside world with a few comp friends so Im looking for some support & friendship...anything else you want to know then feel free to contact me.

aka Romany