Subscribe to the Quit to Win challenge! before March 1rst, print out your confirmation, and go to any Jean Coutu pharmacy to receive your free kit

Your kit consists of:

Five information cards to help you succeed in your Challenge.
A Take your butt outside information leaflet to encourage Quebec families to make their homes and cars “smoke-free zones”.
The PJC Friendly advice card Do you wish to quit smoking?
The Why do you smoke? Test(Horn Test), provided by the Canadian Cancer Society, to help you understand your smoking habits and determine what factors drive you to smoke. Taking the test will also help you better prepare for quitting and increase your chances of success.
The Action plan to quit smoking from Novartis.
A step-by-step guide to help you quit brochure from Pfizer.
A Rubik’s cube – it will keep your hands busy, reduce stress when the pressure rises and distract you from your craving to smoke.
A pen from the Quit to Win! Challenge.
A bottle of water – to extinguish the burning desire to smoke and to help your lungs clear out the toxic products of cigarettes.
Sugarfree chewing gum – when you’re looking for something to put in your mouth.
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