1) I found out today that it is considered a Manufacturer coupon so you can't buy an item with a manufacturer coupon and use their reward buck along with it. STUPID!!! CVS Extra Bucks are considered store coupons.

2) They only give you 2 weeks to use them before they expire! CVS gives you a month before they expire (and someone I know said that some stores will take them expired)

3) You can only use one reward buck per order (so I had to stand at the counter doing multiple transactions to use the ones I had today. CVS lets you use as many Extra Bucks as you need in one order.

**They will work well if you use them towards items that you don't have coupons for though. Like today I bought a Phantom Razor for just the price of tax. It was $9.99+tax and I used a $4 off manufacturer coupon and got back $6 in Reward Bucks. Then I used the $6 reward bucks towards my ink cartridge refill I was picking up today. So since I didn't have a coupon for the ink refill, it worked well to use the Reward Bucks on that purchase.